Effective stakeholder engagement delivers better decisions and stronger results.

You probably know that there are many pieces to the environmental management puzzle

You need thorough research and robust data. You need effective policies, strategies and guidelines. Well-trained staff are important.

Most of all, you need to get key people aligned with what you’re doing, and you need to include their knowledge and experience. Part of this process is identifying your stakeholders, building strong relationships with them and managing their input and expectations.

That takes skill, practice and connections. And experience like ours.

Some stakeholder engagement examples:

• Authoring Stakeholder Action Plans for the waste recycling industry associations (Queensland and Northern Territory)
• Managing stakeholder relationships for not-for-profit organisations
• Liaising with the higher and vocational training sectors and Industry Skills Councils to address skills pathways in the waste management, transport and renewable energy sectors
• Project reporting to stakeholders; maintaining stakeholder relationships to underpin success of projects such as port dredging and main road maintenance

Representation on groups and committees

Reference groups, committees, working groups all share a similar purpose. They bring key people together to analyse information, explore issues and progress solutions. Dr. Georgina Davis, the founder of the Waste to Opportunity Enterprise, is a skilled facilitator and contributor to committees and stakeholder engagement processes.

She has contributed her expertise to numerous groups. Some are listed below:
• Invited member of the Australian Government’s Primary Production Supply Chain Advisory Group, for the Department of the Environment and Energy to develop a National Food Waste Strategy.
• Activity Steering Committee Member – ‘Adapting Renewable Energy Concepts to Irrigated Sugar Cane Production at Bundaberg’. Project by Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group (BRIG) with co-funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
• Member on the EU Thematic Network, PackTech, development of standards for biodegradable food packaging in Europe.