Poor research leads to poor results. We provide you with accurate data and solid information.

Our research background

Our advisors have a thorough research background, including in academic and on-site roles. These are some of the areas we cover:
• Resource recovery and resource management
• Waste management including specialisation in organic waste streams
• Materials-efficiency
• Information discovery and peer-review
• Energy, water and climate change policy
• Hazardous waste management
• Solid waste engineering
• Biopolymer advice.

Activities by Waste To Opportunity

The Waste to Opportunity Enterprise is available to undertake research that leads to real, workable solutions.
Some examples of previous projects include:

• Peer-review of Co-Regulatory Agreements for Ewastes for the Australian Commonwealth Government

• Peer-review of Waste Minimisation Projects funded by the Waste and Resources Research and Development Programme

• Peer-review of the conceptual analysis of waste solutions for a 660,000m2 mall, Tehran;

• Feasibility study of Energy to Waste

• Completion of workforce planning studies for energy generators including renewable energy facilities

• Critical analysis regarding projected future skills demand and supply to identify projected skills gaps from both an industry wide and enterprise level

• Development of a Centre of Excellence Training Model

• Various government working groups on policy, strategy and regulation development.